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Customer Review for

4/10   Save your money instead
My dog ingested something that cause her to vomit, have diarrhea and drool excessively all in the space of a couple hours. Took her to the emergency vet where problem was indicated as gastroenteritis- possible toxin. She received treatment and after a few hours were sent home two medication. Total bill was $718. Vet submitted claim but PetsPlus claim they did not receive it so spend time running around to get copies of report, scan and email. When I received the results of my claim, they said condition was excluded from coverage. My dog is only one year old and over the eight month period that we were covered by PetsPlus we paid $512 in premiums. I could have saved that money and also avoid the hassle. My health insurer Sunlife is easier to deal with than these guys. I am sure some owners with pets having catastrophic illness value the coverage but for most people I don't think it is worthwhile. Best just to open a special account and put aside some money for vet care.
Company:   Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting   Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: under a year
Richard, 10/18/2016
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Eileen H. says:

Did you every receive a follow-up comment from the company? Curious to know why the condition was not covered as we are considering insurance for our 10 most old puppy now... Thanks. 
Chris says:

Randy Valpy of Pet Plus us.You failed to explain as to WHY you are describing the "accidental ingestion of a toxic or foreign object" as a pre-existing condition? I am thinking of actually getting your plan but after reading the reviews , your company is not really explaining what happened in this case. As for the banking tips.Best leave that alone.You spent more time explaining a savings plan, than actually shining some light on this review.... 
Donna Befus says:

Thinking of getting pet insurance. How is accidental ingestion of a toxic or foreign object not covered? It is certainly not a pre-existing condition. Direct billing is also a big plus, as I have been through multiple hassles with insurance agencies where I send receipts ( they insist on the original) and then after a month or so I get a reply asking for the receipt again. So I now scan and keep copies on my computer before I send the original away, to save the hassle of having to go back to the clinic to get another copy. It worries me to see pet insurance companies using the same tactics. Do I want to throw money away, only to be told that my dog's problem is mysteriously not covered? 
EP says:

What pre-existing condition? The dog is only one year old. So, if the dog had to come in once before for vomiting and they diagnose just gastroenteritis (inflammation, could be from anything) the dog wouldn't be covered again? This is something that can be caused by multiple separate things (food, something on ground, etc). 
Randy Valpy - Top Dog at Pets Plus Us says:

Hi Richard, thank you for your review. We did drop the ball with respect to your policy in that it took us far too long to underwrite it, and for this I apologize. In that I can't discuss the specifics of your coverage in this forum, you are correct that we did not cover your claim due to a pre-existing condition. I will add however that while our coverage did not work in your favour in this case, reverting or recommending using a savings account instead of purchasing pet insurance is not necessarily a good idea. The downside of a savings account is that if your pet falls ill in the third month, you may have only saved say $150 (3 months at $50), but most claims for illness will be substantially more than $150. With pet insurance, your pet will have coverage under our plans up to the policy limit of $7,500 or $15,000, assuming it is not a pre-existing condition. But say the reverse happens, you manage to save for three years and you have $1,800 in your pets saving account, but now your car breaks down or you have a major house repair, very few people are disciplined enough not to use the pet savings account as they don't have another savings account for the house or car expenses, so instead they use the pets saving account and now they are back to zero. I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you and your dog, and I wish you both all the best. Certainly, if we can be of any assistance in the future, please contact Eric Coulson at or at 905-247-5403. 

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