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Customer Review for PetCare

7/10   My dog is Pre Approved for Surgery this week
My 7 year old Golden Retriever needs surgery on both legs due to ruptured cruciate ligaments in both legs. Estimated cost around $8,000. So far, I have talked to the insurance representatives at least five times and each time they were very helpful. Do not understand the reviews of long telephone answer times as my calls were all taken within two to three minutes. The surgeon submitted the information required for Pre-Authorization and I received back the authorization within 24 hours by email And by the way, their new email portal allows you to submit claims on line without the vets signature--just upload the claim for with the paid bill. (I was a Purina customer before they sold to 24 PetWatch but never had a claim) I will say it has been my experience with insurance companies that some people do not submit all documents required and some do not read the terms of the policy until there is an occurrence and are mad that the illness is not covered but it was spelled out in the policy. This would definitely resolve some problems. That being said, my dogs first surgery is this Thursday and that will be the proof of the pudding if I get paid in a timely manner. I did note that i just got my insurance renewal and the premium tripled--not sure why as the renewal came before they knew my dog needed surgery. Maybe when he turned 7? The administrators also changed the underlying insurance company.
Company: PetCare   Injury/Illness: Ruptured cruciate ligaments   Breed: Golden Retriever
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Joel, 3/13/2017
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Jess says:

My cat had the same diagbosis from a bad jump while I was insured. I was told her injury would be covered. When I got this diagnosis I was told it was a disease not an injury by the insurance company. They claim this happens to pets over time and it's not covered. My vet sent them a detailed letter stating she was positive it was an injury as I i get my cats regularly checked. I have the "extra" policy and I'm pretty sure I know how to read. I hope you get paid out since you've talked to so many people. I am cancelling my policy when I get the check for my other cats illness that was supposedly issued 9 months ago. They promise I will get it this month. 

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