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Breeds > Poodles


The Poodle has a variety of advantages over other breeds, from its smarts--its ranked the second most intelligent dog breed--to its physical prowess.

Poodles are also able to live long, happy lives if they are healthy; in fact, most dogs live into their mid-teens. Especially healthy Poodles with no health compromises can live until the age of 20.

Coming in three sizes--regular, miniature, and toy--the Poodle has several health characteristics that are unique to its breed.

First, Poodles--especially regularly sized, or standard Poodles--often get Addison's disease, a condition involving chemical imbalances in the body. The disorder can be fatal if it isn't treated, and many people don't notice the disease in time to get the best treatment because its signs aren't especially pronounced. In addition, Poodle owners often think Addison's disease is another, less harmful condition that doesn't need treatment. This disorder is especially frequent in standard sized Poodles, and you need to be aware of its symptoms and treatment options.

The second most common condition affecting the Poodle is gas that actually twists the stomach. This condition does have some visible symptoms. Your dog will pace, gag, and otherwise act as if it is feeling sick or uncomfortable. Like Addison's disease, excess gas in Poodles can be deadly, and dogs with this condition need to be rushed to the veterinarian.

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Couldn't be more pleased 12/28/2016
Every time I deal with Embrace (and it seems to be a lot lately) I am left with a good feeling. I feel like...
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: not sure
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: under a year
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