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10/10   Amazing Service- Best Pet Insurance, ever!
Our three dogs have been with VPI/Nationwide for over 10 years. The service is unparalleled in the health insurance industry (whether pets or people). Customer service reps are always courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. The policies are explained well, and reps answer any questions. VPI/Nationwide will usually cover a percentage of issues - with exceptions of course. You just need to read the policy. Covering preventatives like part of the flea/tick/hearworm and vaccines is wonderful.. We've had a dog with back surgery and another with corneal ulcers. Nationwide has paid a good percentage of those issues. Best pet insurance, ever.
Injury/Illness: eye problem   Breed: Weimaraner
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Rob Gutro, 8/20/2017
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1/10   Nationwide Whole Pet Wellness Plan is a JOKE
We have two great dane puppies. One month after we had both insured one of them injured their front leg, needing surgery to fix (carpal Valgus). They denied the claim, stating it was pre-existing. We sent ALL vet records from their breeder in GA and our vet showing this 4 mo old pup had not prior leg injury or issues. They still denied the claim. It's taken over 60 days, meanwhile they keep charging my credit card for both pups policy (158.00) each month. This company sold me two policies for my danes and never asked for a certification of good health. I sent them this after they denied my claim, but they refused to pay and kept referring to "pre exisitng" condition clause. I'm so frustrated with this company. I pay them and the vet....what a waste of $$.
Injury/Illness: Front Leg Growth Plate Injury   Breed: Great Dane
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: under a year
Natalie, 7/13/2017
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1/10   Huge disappointment
I really wish I would have done more research before getting insurance from Nationwide. My dog has a leg injury, 2 partially torn tendons and my expenses are well over $3000. Nationwide said they would only pay $575 which is the max benefit for this condition. Well I looked up the fine print on the policy and that is what it says. However, just the xrays and ultrasound were close to $1000. So all Nationwide is paying for is to diagnose the problem. They refused to pay for any of the treatment to get my dog better which included injections and physical therapy. I feel that their refusal to pay for my dog's treatment is extremely unethical. I wrote letters and of course got only a form letter back saying that's what the policy says. So now I will be getting insurance from a company with no claim limits. So beware and do thorough research before getting insurance.
Injury/Illness: leg injury   Breed: Labrador Retriever
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Diana, 7/10/2017
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1/10   Disappointment
To make this story short my pet began to have a problem 1 month after his policy became effective and NationWide did not cover anything because according to them my 2 month old puppy had a "pre-existing" condition (which is not true) Their "What we do not cover section says: "a chronic condition is a pre-existing condition UNLESS IT BEGAN AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS POLICY".( as I said my puppy started to have the problem 1 month after his insurance became effective) I spent about $450 AFTER MY $250 DEDUCTIBLE and NationWide paid back $0 to me.
Injury/Illness: skin problem   Breed: Labrador Retriever
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: under a year
Cristina Santacruz, 6/20/2017
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1/10   Adversarial
Very unsatisfied with the responses to submitted claims. Everything we submit request additional information or medical records. Everything is on a medical receipt and includes an itemized receipt. We have no "additional" medical information, as Hitchcock is a rescue dog that we adopted in October 2016. Each and every bit of medical records we have have been submitted to you. We are seriously reevaluating whether the cost of this insurance is worth the cost. They sell themselves to us, then all we get for our money are more requests for more information. Trust me, we do not hold back any information and if the expenses come from our vets office and are itemized, they are legit. My husband and I both work at major teaching institutions and you can trust that we have discussed this issue with many colleagues who agree that our experience has been very negative. We have carried Nationwide Pet Insurance for several years. We are not happy with the constant review of each and every charges and the constant request for additional information. You do not feel as if a partner in the care of our family pet, but an adversary. Our claims are thorough and complete and all requests have been met with information, yet we are still barraged with additional requests. Thank you for your time. We do hope that this situation is remedied in the very near future. If not, we may be partnering with someone else that does not make us feel as adversarial. At this point we would not recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance services and will share that opinion at every opportunity.
Injury/Illness: skin problem   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Kelli, 1/18/2017
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10/10   I am very gratefull to Nationwide Insurance
I have had pet insurance for the past 18 years on my beloved Billy. During that period I had three major disasters that I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for Nationwide. When Billy was 13 he needed Knee surgery which was very costly and Nationwide stood by us and paid their portion of the claim. When Billy was 16 he had Vestibular Syndrome. We had to take him to the Emergency ward and the cost was extremely expensive. Nationwide took on quite a bit of the burden. And lastly when Billy was 18 he developed incurable Cancer and unfortunately passed away. The last few days I the emergency hospital was very expensive but not only did Nationwide help us pay part of the bill, they returned the premium for that period. I am truly grateful. I now have a new puppy and after looking at other alternatives. I chose Nationwide, since I feel that they are the best.
Injury/Illness: Several as explained above   Breed: Norwegian Buhund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Mario Fusco, 12/18/2016
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10/10   Nationwide Has been Great for me and my dog
Nationwide I have used since I bought my insurance. My insurance agent who handles my medical insurance for our our company recommended Nationwide.
Injury/Illness: skin problem   Breed: Goldendoodle
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Guy, 12/16/2016
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