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I trust Pets Best to be fair - Pets Best
Ann Kopel from Oregon, pet parent of a snowshoe cat

Nearly ten years ago I adopted a stray cat and thankfully decided to insure her with Pets Best (PB) since I knew she had had a difficult life before coming into our home. Because I didn't know her age, I decided to insure her as a senior animal. I am glad I did because she has had a lot of different health problems over the years.

Last year, the premiums I was paying for a $250/80% policy became too expensive, so I decided to cancel her policy. When I called to do that, the PB representative suggested that instead of cancelling I raise the deductible, but keep the 80% and she informed me that all her past diagnoses would still be fully covered and only new problems would face the higher deductible.

I took her advice and thank goodness I did because that same year my cat was diagnosed with cancer and the surgery to remove it was more than $4,000. When I submitted the claim, PB told me because the first symptoms of that cancer began while I was still under the $250 deductible policy, there would be no deductible and PB reimbursed all our costs at 80%. I did not expect that and did not ask for it. It was offered to me by PB. Amazing!! This company has been there for my cat, and has always paid without any problems. The claims are super easy to file, and reimbursements are directly deposited into my checking account very soon after a claim is submitted. I highly recommend this company.
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fast and easy refunds! - Embrace
Kristi & Anthony of Seekonk, MA, pet parent of a French Mastiff

Embrace is a great company. This is my second year with them and my Ella was injuried while she was protecting our house from an intruding animal. Without her bravery I would have lost my cat too. She had 2 emergency surgeries to repair her face and thankfully did not lose sight in her eye. Embrace paid her claim within days of submission. Her $1,000 vet bill only cost us about 500 after our deductible. Glad to report Ella is back to her amazing self. And with the wellness rewards her annual visits and preventative flea, tick, and heart worm medications are refundable up too our max of $400 a year. It's a great help to save your pets life.
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Right insurance at the right time - Healthy Paws
Andrew S. from NYC, pet parent of a mixed breed

After spending a fair amount of time reviewing the multitude of pet insurance providers I decided to go with Healthy Paws. I called up with some questions and satisfied with the responses I signed up on the phone. Excellent customer service.

Not expecting to use it anytime soon I was going to change the deductible to $500. Then Cosmo was hit by a taxi and a kind neighbor rushed him to the emergency room. The vet took great care of him. Luckily the insurance coverage had kicked in before the accident. Cosmo had a broken leg and some abrasions...very lucky. The process to submit the claim was simple and fast. My only issue is the doctor exam was not covered. I can understand if it was just a routine exam but this was not. Overall I would highly recommend Healthy Paws.

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Fast payment, as promised - Trupanion
Debra Ashton from New Jersey, pet parent of a Domestic Shorthair cat

My cat was recently diagnosed with liver disease and has begun treatment which I expect will continue for a while. Once my deductible was met, Trupanion paid for the medication and bloodwork as stipulated in my contract. It's my understanding that all future treatment/tests related to his liver disease will also be paid (at 90%). The claim was processed very quickly and payment received in about a week - very fast.

The only reason I rated it a 9 instead of a 10 is because when my cat was first diagnosed, they didn't apply the initial bloodwork cost towards my deductible. Their reason was that the bloodwork done was routine. While it was routine, it uncovered the liver disease, and I thought it should be covered because it diagnosed an illness. Anyway, since that time, the two claims related to liver disease that I filed were paid on a timely basis and in the amounts I expected.

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So far so good! - Pet Plan
Natalie Murphy from New York, pet parent of a Sphynx cat

I've been with PetPlan since 2008 when I first got my kitty. He is an exotic breed so I wanted to make sure he was covered, also he's the love. of. my. life. Since then he's had two surgeries (mast cell tumors), a two night ER stay (for vomiting and bloody diarrhea) and countless vet visits over the years. Most recently his ER bill alone was over $4300! Thank goodness I got 100% coverage because after $5K in total vet bills this month, literally all I paid out of pocket was the $50 deductible (and of course the annual premium). My annual premium has been raised twice in the last two years which I don't love but they also increased his yearly allowance so that was actually a relief when I saw his bills were nearing the cap.

I'm always weary of insurance companies just because but so far so good. Thanks PetPlan and please continue putting the customer first, Wilbur and I are greatly appreciative. Big thank you to Heather Tuck for expediting our claim, checking-up on Wilbur and making sure we received every dollar.

Would love to see routine care/vaccinations/Rx/Rx food covered in the future. Wilbur is now on a hypoallergenic diet which costs $60 per alb bag and $3/can. If Rx were covered I'd give them a 10!
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Well worth it - ASPCA
Carol Byram from Arizona, pet parent of a pit bull

I have had the level II insurance on my friend Buster for maybe 4 years now. He's an old guy at 12 now. He hasn't had too many health problems except arthritis due to old age and some skin allergies. He has only had relatively small claims. But while getting x-rays for laser treatments for his arthritis, he was discovered to have bladder stones. Major panic. He had to have major surgery and I had to take out a loan at the credit union. I turned in the claim and they promptly covered a large portion of that. Major relief. I would recommend this pet insurance to anyone who loves their pet.

I have read some of these reviews and I would like to add that under the terms laid out in the level of insurance I have purchased, I have never been treated unfairly. I purchase this insurance mainly as a safeguard against a devastating illness or accident and my experience with this company has been that it's well worth the cost of the premiums for the peace of mind those premiums provide.

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