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Customer Review for PetFirst HealthCare

10/10   Certainly Worth the Money!
My dog had several parasites as a puppy and it ended up costing us over 1000 dollars. Once he was better I set out to get some pet insurance for him. I read lots of reviews and decided on Pet First Insurance with Routine Care. I have had the policy for 6 months and have already gotten a lot more out of it than I have paid for it! They charge a 50 dollar deductible for illness or accident claims, but they reimburse 90% after that (no deductible for routine care). See my claims below from the last six months (the first dollar amount is what it cost me, the second is how much they reimbursed): Approved Max Accident / Illness femoral fracture $204.45 $184.01 Approved Max Routine Heartworm Preventive Medication $45.00 $25.80 Approved Max Accident / Illness fractured femur $458.10 $367.29 Approved Max Routine Spay/Neuter $90.00 $75.00 Approved Max Routine Prescription Flea Control January-June $17.00 $15.30 Approved Max Routine Prescription Flea Control January-June $15.00 $13.50 Approved Max Routine Heartworm Preventive Medication $6.00 $5.40 Approved Max Routine DHL-P Canine Vaccine $25.00 $22.50 As you can see all my claims have been approved and I've been reimbursed $708.80 in the last six months! The only thing I recommend is to get the middle coverage (35 dollars a month). Max almost had to have surgury when he fractured his femur and we would have maxed out our 2500 dollars per accident we get with the basic plan. Great company, I highly recommend!
Krista, 8/17/2007
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Diana says:

They find ways not to cover issues with your pet. We adopted a dog and after nine months of ownership she developed an allergy to something which we still do not know what. They have denied every visit she has had in the last 8 months claiming it was preexisting. How is that possible? We adopted her in Dec 2015 her policy was effective 1/2016 she developed the allergy in 9/2016. How that is pre-existing is beyond me. No one in the customer service center can answer that. They keep throwing it back to the vet.  
RG Bauer says:

I have to say , if that was indeed the overage in 2007 that is amazing. However, in 2011 any preventative treatment , or any tratment for "Preventable" parasites is also no longer covered. I adopted a 6 year old Beagle from ARL in March of this year, and so far Petfirst has NOT covered over $700 dollars worth of claims submitted by my family.We have only been reimbursed for $106.01 that leaves @$728 dollars out of my pocket. Not good coverage at all. 

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