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Customer Review for Embrace

10/10   Wow... and thank you!
We were new customers to Embrace, and shortly after we became eligible to submit claims, we had a horrible coincidence take place - our cat, Kali, had to be rushed to the vet. We never thought we would end up using the insurance so soon, as our cats were relatively healthy outside of some ear stuff and dental issues. Originally, we thought that her swollen toes and odd behavior were the result of an injury since she's a clever kitty who had recently learned how to crawl inside our couch! So when we discovered the problems with her toes, we rushed her to the vet, thinking that it was a recent injury. This was the start of a 2-month long journey for Kali that started with a near-amputation of her toes that was canceled last minute after an EKG scan found a tumor in her chest. We received a referral for an oncologist who recommended surgery to remove the tumor. We found out that the condition on her toes was known as pemphigus and we suspected that she might have cancer. We were told by several vets that the likelihood may be high. Thankfully, the tumor was a benign one but the pemphigus would remain possibly for the rest of her life. The good news is that the tumor's removal means that her condition is much more mild than it was with the tumor in her, which means that the medications that she's one now are limited and therefore not nearly as debilitating as they might've been with higher doses. Through this very stressful time in our lives, when we thought we might lose our cat, we were so thankful for the Embrace insurance. I was almost certain that we might not receive coverage, being new customers, and due to some stories that I have heard about other pet insurers. However, Embrace was with us all the way. All claims were processed within a timely fashion & they even checked in with us during this time to see how we were doing. The website and submission process makes it very easy to submit claims & track them, and I love seeing the breakdown of what was covered. I'm so thankful for Embrace. Because we were in a position to make the best choice for our cat's quality of life, Kali now is much healthier than ever, and we hope to have many more years with her. I will never have an animal that I can't cover through Embrace.
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: pemphigus   Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
L, 3/20/2017
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