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Customer Review for Hartville/ASPCA

6/10   Great for senior pets
Although I have had a couple of negative experiences with Petshealth, I must say that they seem to be the ONLY pet insurance company willing to insure older pets. They will insure dogs up to 13 years and cats up to 15 years. They will even insure the pet with their top plan, regardless of age, if there are no pre-existing conditions. I have a 13 year-old cat who has never been sick a day in his life. I was able to insure him with Petshealth under their most extensive plan. A few things to watch out for, though. First, unless you get their top plan that covers chronic and/or recurring illnesses, if your pet is diagnosed with some illness and/or injury in one plan period, as soon as the plan period renews, it is considered a pre-existing condition and coverage will stop. This is a bad deal if, say, your pet is diagnosed with cancer a week before your plan renews because in just one week, the coverage for the cancer will stop. That's crappy. Also beware that any congenital and/or hereditary condition is not covered on ANY of their plans. So, that immediately excludes a boatload of illnesses as there are lots and lots of disorders known in hundreds of breeds. But, again, if you need to insure a senior pet, this is probably the only option you really have.
Mary, 12/20/2007
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Brianna says:

Petplan insures for life - you can enroll at any age and keep the policy until your pet passes. Even if you have a 20 year old cat or a 16 year old dog, they'll take them. Also they do not stop coverage on a particular condition just because the policy renews - if a pet is diagnosed with cancer in one policy year and your policy renews, cancer is still coverable in your new policy year. 
Veronica Ganzos says:

I too took pet insurance for my older pet and they always found a reason not to pay. The only bad thing you stated was about finding cancer before the policy is in force. What about their anniversary policy for older pets. If you anniversary is November 1, 2014 and your pet gets very sick on October 31, 2014. You rush your pet in on the same day and life saving Surgery is needed at a cost of $7000.00. The vet gets everything ready and at 12:01AM surgery begins. The payment made by The ASPACA Pet Health Insurance is Z E R O. Why? It is your new anniversary. Great coverage. Please contact me on Facebook for more and better companies. 
Shelley says:

Actually Trupanion insures cats and dogs up to 14, with no breed restrictions and they pay all heredity and congenital disorders.... 90 % of actual bill. By far, they offer the most! 
Lee Ann says:

Sure they will insure older pets..BUT they never pay on the claims. They love to take your money then find any excuse they can to not pay or pay 1% of the claim you filed..not the 80% you're entitled to. I had insurance with them for years..when i started filing claims on one of my older cats..after paying preimiums for 8 yrs...they denied all of them..when i threatened to sue them they "convieniently" dropped my policy and wouldn't renew it when it came up for renewal. This company is a complete ripoff and should be shut down. 
Kris says:

I have been a 11 year client with Petshealth with 5 animals - all enrolled in their premium coverage package... you do the math on how much $$ I have given them over the years. Today I cancelled every policy with them. I will NEVER recommend them again. I have a 14 y.o. Sheltie who went into congestive heart failure recently - after days in critical care and a hefty bill, she is doing fantastic. I filed my claim, and today was informed they denied the entire bill. Apparently, on a claim I filed two years ago, there was mention of a "potenial" low-grade murmur detected. Well, because that was mentioned, they are denying any cardiac care as they deem it "diagnosed under a prior plan". Buyer beware! Even if you have the most extensive plan (as I did), your diagnosis during any previous plans can come back and haunt you later. Another example of how I was screwed... As a responsible pet owner, I get bloodwork done on my pets annually. On a recent screen, there was kidney elevations noted. Now that my dog is in renal failure, they are denying that claim as well. Because the elevation was noted on a prior plan period, (6 mos ago) they will not cover any further kidney-related claims. Long story short, the best plan doesn't give you the best coverage. So disappointed with them, and now my dogs are "too old" to be covered by any new insurance company.  
Mary Ann says:

Yes, they will conver them but how is that claim paying going? They told me they had over 10,000 claims pending payment. Horrible company that promises a lot and delivers little. 

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