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Customer Review for

1/10   Two claims - two complete disasters
We have six pets insured by Figo and two have recently become ill. It seems some program or unqualified employee is scanning vet bills for terms like "wellness" in blood panels and auto-denying entire claims based on that. No matter the reason for the visit. A decent vet will order whichever blood panel has the required tests in it - in order to keep costs down. I could always ask the vet to order each test one at a time so that they have impressive sciency names like "hematocrit" and "blood urea nitrogen" or "calcium". The bill would be $1000 instead of $100 though. Seriously Figo, you'd prefer that? "Its no problem" says the lady on the phone "you can appeal"? Yeah actually, it IS a problem. I shouldn't have to. Figo - would it have killed you to read the reason for the visit. We were pretty clear about it on the claim. Would it have killed you to phone up the vet and check if you didn't believe us? Take the second claim. We have a new cat. When I found it on the street six months ago it was covered in fleas and scabs from scratching at the fleas. I gave it flea treatment then took it to the vet for antibiotics and a check-up, paid for this all ourselves and the cat was well again. A couple months later I added her to our policy. A couple months after that and, still flealess - she suddenly started licking patches of fur off and acquired a heart murmur. Hmm.. Could be kidneys, could be dermatitis could be any number of neuropathies. It is heartbreaking to watch the poor little creature scratch and lick herself raw till she bleeds and we don't know why. The vet doesn't know why. The hospital doesn't know why - so she was booked in for more tests this week. Then Figo wades in. Claim denied. Code 4. Pre-existing condition. We cancelled the tests. She either gets better on her own soon or she gets put to sleep. Figo outsmarted the best doctors in Georgia (and I'm no slouch at this medical stuff myself) and beat everyone to the diagnosis. I am so impressed with Figo right now. I'll be even more impressed when they name this pre-existing condition. Know what's most impressive of all? They call the plan we're on 'Ultimate'.
Company:   Injury/Illness: Undiagnosed.   Breed: American Shorthair
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Alex Miles, 12/11/2016
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lisa says:

have your vet go totable for you to clarify issues. present the letter to Figo. that show you handle it with all ins companies. 
broddybounce says:

I'm sorry, but your review is very sketchy, and your ethics questionable, especially in relation to your cat. You said "She either gets better on her own soon or she gets put to sleep." Excuse me? My dogs have now been insured by three different companies and Figo has been the best, no problem whatsoever. I have to agree with what channeledbymodem says, particularly that I would not suggest anyone rule out Figo based on the review. I researched at least a half dozen companies and they came out best AND are performing at an exceptional level these 6 months my dog has been on it -- and I've already had to make a half dozen claims for various issues. No problem! 
channeledbymodem says:

Not a customer of Figo but I've had insurance with a couple of other companies over many years and they all require considerable engagement on your part if you want the best service. Firstly, did you have the policies underwritten *immediately* after taking them out? You *must* do that to sort out what the company will consider pre-existing conditions. I've had non-cancerous tumors result in all cancer treatment being considered pre-existing until I got into it with them. Switched the same dog to another company. Only the tumor itself was precluded and that for only one year. No mention of cancer as pre-existing. However, that same company (which I'm still with) once denied the cost of an endoscopy in its entirety because they didn't read the documentation I submitted (which seems to be your issue with Figo). My vet requires payment of services upfront (to avoid being stiffed). Company X decided I had not had the procedure but only paid for it, although the clinical results of the endoscopy were attached with the bill. After I explained the circumstances, they paid as they should have all along, a couple of weeks later than they should have. Moral of the story: expecting a perfect response from any company offering a service is a recipe for disappointment. I would not rule Figo out based on your review. 
Paul says:

Your first compliant MAY have some merit to it, please let us know how the appeal goes. However, your 2nd complaint is unfounded, your cat had scabs before you got the policy, weather you like it or not is irrelevant, NO pet insurance company covers pre-exsisting conditions. Without a doubt, you gave a "1" rating, the LOWEST possible rating when you was filing a claim on a pre-exsisting condition. You have to ask yourself, after you calm down, was my rating justified???  

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