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Customer Review for

10/10   Can't Thank You Enough
This is late coming, but as they say, better late than never! Our 3 1/2 yr old female french bulldog has had her troubles since day one. Hospitalized a couple of times for serious bouts of pneumonia before the age of 6 mos, a biopsy and other illnesses shortly thereafter, we have always been able to count on Pets Plus Us. Back in Jan 2017 Bailey had emergency surgery to remove a herniated disc and disc fragments. She went from running around one minute to practically being paralyzed the next. The amount of pain she was in was heart wrenching to watch. She needed an MRI to determine first if she needed surgery and second if it was in her best interest to have depending on severity (i.e. quality of life, need to put her down) we were terrified at the unknown. Also with her having anesthetic a couple of times, her pneumonia and the fact she is brachycephalic made it more serious to be put under - MRI 2 hrs; surgery 3 hrs for a total of 5 hrs. It was a decision we had to make on the spot. I quickly called PPU and spoke with Katie our rep. We were concerned about the cost as the surgery would be approx $9,000 and we wanted to make sure we were covered. Katie was able to review the file and give us confidence we were covered, however, if we wanted a 100% guarantee we would need to provide them with some info which we did not have time for. Needless to say, surgery went extremely well and PPU covered us for everything except our deductible and I think some meds. We love PPU, they have been there every time we have needed them. No increase in rates due to our usage of insurance which in itself is a relief. PPU has reimbursed us over $16,000 YTD and has not once denied our claim or threaten to drop us as clients. I feel totally confident with their service!! Always professional and ready to help out!! Thank you!!!
Company:   Injury/Illness: herniated disc and disc fragments   Breed: French Bulldog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Debbie Maddison, 8/8/2017
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