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Customer Review for United Pet Care

2/10   Discusted with response I received
I have had UPC for at least 5 years or more. I've recently had to have a cat euthanized, due to chronic kidney disease. She was euthanized Aug. 29, and I called UPC Aug.30. I have always paid for this a year in advance,rather than monthly. Imagine my surprise when I heard they were refunding the months of October-December, because they had already pre-paid my vet for September!! They told me they cannot ask the vet for a refund. REALLY?? Are you kidding me? The female I talked to was Wanda & it was Wanda's chuckle when she told me, we had already paid the vet and can't ask for it back. I said really? I will surely not pay a year in advance again....IF I decide to get your service again, which I highly doubt....(My 2 remaining cats are indoor cats, and I have no need for their service.) Do they not know that information is public? Have they not heard of social media?? Don't think I didn't try FB....Wonder why they are not there!
Company: United Pet Care   Injury/Illness: renal (kidney)   Breed: Calico
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Pamela Harris, 9/11/2013
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Elizabeth L says:

Pamela, I am very sorry for the loss of your pet. I have just lost one of mine also, a Cat that has been my companion for 14 years crossed the rainbow bridge on 10/21/13. I am wondering if you ever got resolution with UPC? I ask because when I called to tell them that my kitty passed away and could be removed from the policy, I got an even more distressing response than YOU did! I was told that the "Policy" (a policy that I cannot find anywhere in my UPC documents and believe me I have files with every scrap of paper ever received on all 3 of my pets) is, "No pro-rated refunds on any policy, all policies are for an entire year!" That was repeated to me several times when I questioned the rationality of that! My pet died with 7 months left on her policy. From reading your comments, it sounds like you received partial reimbursment, is that correct? In any event, I wont go into the gory details of the phone calls but the end result is that the owner "Doris" says they are refunding the premiums on all 3 of my pets and cancelling the policies.......which I am thrilled over- it saves me the trouble of contacting the media to investigate this bogus "Policy" that is not in any of the UPC documents that I have received in my years patronizing this company. I don't know if they added the policy to their webpage, but in any event I have never been to the webpage, I subscribed by phone after getting the info from a flyer at a petstore and by phone each year since.  

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