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Customer Review for VPI

2/10   the problem is their UCR
VPI uses a usual and customary fee schedule more than 8 years old. Therefore, you go to the vet, pay let's say 500 and VPI (because they use outdated information) thinks the visit SHOULD have cost 150 - they then reimburse 80% of 150 or 120.00 on your 500.00 claim. (this is a terribly generous example - the reality is much worse). Find another company that either does not use a UCR at all (pets best is good) or that at least has a current and reasonable UCR schedule. An example from VPI's schedule: approved rate for a spay or nueter 65.00 - umm, I know of absolutely no licensed vet that will perform surgery on an animal for 65.00
Ellen, 11/30/2007
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t.komata says:

i've had VPI for 10 years. my dog is healthy and i rarely use the insurance. this year my premiums are up over 25% !!! crazy Used to be around $380 year.. then up to $500+ and this year over $700 this an incredible jump 
Bill says:

I've had VPI for almost 10 years on my female beagle. Aside from not covering pink-eye which they state is hereditary they have been more than fair covering her other health issues. She was diagnosed with an enlarged liver, possibly from Cushings disease but after extensive testing determined it's probably hepatitis. They paid rougly 70% of all the testing up to the yearly limits and cover her monthly medication about 90%. Overall we are getting our money back plus some. As someone else stated, the claim forms must have specific diagnosis from the vet.  
DT says:

We have VPI and, like the other reviewers, the reimbursement rates are horrible. They are using a completely outdated reference for veterinarian costs. They also exclude chronic and hereditary conditions which is very disappointing. Bad on me for not reading the small print carefully enough. Bad on VPI for gouging me for monthly rates and then providing less than 25% reimbursement for emergency surgery and treatment because they said that the cost should have only been $500 but it was actually $3400. Switching insurance companies starting Oct 1. 
Elizabeth says:

I called the company and all they did was keep sending me to multiple lines and then they said the customer service was to busy and told me just to leave a message when I needed questions answered at that time. 
Madelyn says:

My dog has had upwards of $6,000 worth of diagnostic testinc, lumpectomy, CT scans, MRI's, and VPI has covered about 80% of it and we have only had coverage for 1.5 years. we Have the major medical plan on a 5 year old English Mastiff. I would definitely recommend it. Not sure why so many others have had issues, but it may be due to your vet's billing. you have to itemize everything WITH A DIAGNOSIS or it wont be reimbursed. hope this helps! 
Ellen says:

Vpi uc is horrible. I have the "superior" plan on 1 of my dogs. I sent in a Bill for bloodwork and.exam We actually received a check for ....ready $1.00. Their uc must be very outdated and for vets in the southwest. IVe had them for 7 yrs and at the time I got the plan throug my office. I am now retired when I called to have my due date modified they couldn't do iit and have no alternative to the situation. I ended up having to cancel a policy on one of my pets then starting it with a new company less monthly cost. 100.00 deductible and full cost of services refunded no matter what state I have the services. Sad they could not accommodate my date change and I had to cancel.  
Julie says:

Any that get VIP is stupid... We had one policy out with for pasty 6 or nine months they have been take money twice ... The said I was lie about it... Well we gotten 2 birthday cards with 2 different policy numbers on it .... We only have 1 dog... Come fine out there is a other policy ,,,, They try tell me it is my fault NOT that is there fault... They need get there crap fix...  
Major says:

VPI is a poor deal. I don't have a problem with any company making a profit. I believe as a pet owner, you are responsible for the yearly pet expenses. If you expect an insurance copany to cover this, it will be just reflected in the premiums (Cost + profit). So makes no sense to insure your pet for the normal yearly vet expense. You buy pet insurnace for the catestrophic unexpected vet expense. VPI fails here miserable. The Customary/reasonable schedule from VPI is in my opinion predatory. When I got screwed over, it was for a small amount. I then went over with my vet, and of course, what a vet charges, but VPI limits, is nowhere near real world prices. I just feel sorry for people who buy from VPI, get that catestrophic event, than find out that VPI will only cover a fraction of the cost.  
Angela says:

I have three dogs all have VIP insurance I agree with most of these reviews. The amount of repayment is ridiculous based on today's vet charges. I have the superior plan on all three of my dogs and one of my dogs recently had a hematoma on her ear. I had surgery done and the bill was $2100. 00. Reimbursement was very discouraging only 472.00 there is no vet that would do this type of surgery for that amount that was reimbursed. Also the amount of time to receive your check is too long always 30 least. 
Diane says:

I submitted two bills to VPI, one for each of my dogs. I had never before submitted any bills on these pets or any other pets, and I have been with VPI for about 20 years. My two dogs were hospitalized for a few days due to accidental ingestion of cinnamon-raisin bread. The total bill for both dogs was approximately $3,000.00. VPI paid me about $230 on this claim. Not very encouraging.  
cj says:

My cat hat to have emergency surgery for an intestinal problem...5 days in the hospital. the total bill was $5000.....VPI paid $90!!!!!! I almost cried when talking to the customer reps...whomjust read off of a script when answering my questions. of course, I plan to appeal...bsfut I have to submit all of the vet's medical no telling how long this will take to get. I hve had the insurance on my cat for 8 years...this is my first claim. So disappointing...VPI is a scam...beware. 
Peter C. says:

Dont waste your money : Insurance Companies are all alike no matter what life form they cover. We've had VPI for 1 year; they paid claim for spay and neuter but after that started denying claims based on services and medicines wht were generic. We figure we pay almost $500.00 a year and it doesnt help us. We could just put that money aside instead. VPI seemed like a great idea that fizzled out quick. 
Letty says:

The difference between the insurance premiums and pay back is awful. This company is keeping all my premiums and returning nothing. One of the monthly meds for my pet is long-term and the cap on the payback only covers one month. I think the insurance works out for dogs but not other animals. 
Linda says:

I have had these policies for several years now and not claimed any more than routine expenses. The VPI customer service has been excellent and I enjoy talking to them as they seem to genuinly care. I was in the veterinary field for almost 20 years and changed careers 12 years ago. I acquired VPI for our parrot first and now our 2 dogs. I have no more veterinary connections and I see how expensive it is to pay for all the perks I got for free. I agree that VPI's fees are not realistic to the average expenses encountered by pet owners today. Not everyone has an animal emergency to take advantage of portion reimbursable fees. It would be nice to see VPI raise the routine benefits for those who trully consider their pets health to be important. Wellness visits should promote preventative maintenance, not make it something we avoid because the vet prices are much higher than the portion recognized by VPI. It will cost $500 to spay my dog at my vet, VPI covers $100 or so. I found a reduced rate spay clinic and my vet is not going to be happy that I had to take her to someone else for this simple procedure. Both the pet insurance field and the veterinary professionals need to negotiate allowances for pets covered by insurance companies. Policy holders would appreciate a committee to speak in their behalf.  
Vicki says:

Claims processing for pets take longer it seems than for people. I also wish the annual limits were better. One of my dogs has on-going allergy problems but the annual benefit for that condition was only a little over $100?? And for the superior policy? Doesnít seem like much. My other dog is on a maintenance drug and I never know whether to file the refill charge or if VPI will charge me another $50 deductibleÖ My dogs are older so the premiums have increased a good bit, especially for my 11 year old. But I encourage all my friends with pets to get pet insurance of some kind. Itís expensive for older dogs but I want to be able to give my pets the best care I can. I will say anyone Iíve talked to on the phone from VPI has been extremely polite and helpful. With older dogs, I could probably not change plans. But if I could find another plan in the future that didnít go by a low payment schedule, Iíd be inclined to switch. Even though I have the superior plan, if one of my girls had an expensive surgery, I donít think the insurance would help that much.  
danny boy says:

yes, key words: READ YOUR POLICIES carefully. avoid the Standard Plan at all costs, Especially if you live on the coasts where vet care is pricier. The careguard/wellness riders are another thing to be aware of as they cover a Portion of your routine care expenses and the charts are easily available on the site. if you look carefully, you are paying either $144 a year for $250 in routine care benefits, or $264 a year for $400 in routine care benefits. that, to me sounds like getting more for less. i go to low cost vaccination clinics and watch for specials on immunization packages and have come out ahead every year. one hint: ONLY use the Premier rider if you are going to get your pet spayed/neutered, and google for low cost pet spay/neuter services in your area. you can really make out like a bandit on your claim. got my cat spayed for $40 at a place in Van Nuys, CA (holiday animal care). drop the Premier rider at your first renwal and switch to the Core which doesn't have the spay/neuter benefit! the policies can work for you if you know what you're getting. a lot of the other plans out there say they reimburse at "90%" and they don't have a benefit sheet. BUT they do---they just don't show it to you---look at your fine print and if you see "usual and customary," then that means they can always say "well we aren't gonna pay 90% of your bill because it's not the usual and customary rate for your area. which means they DO have some sort of sheet or idea showing what Is usual and customary for your area, otherwise, how do they know?? ask for a copy and they will say you can't have one or that they don't use one. ha! riiiight. one lady i know was reimbursed very handsomely on Trupanion, once, twice, three times. BUT then they dropped her after the 4th high dollar claim! what's worse, her lab is now over 10 and is almost uninsurable!! read the fine print everyone! 
Greg says:

Lindsey I feel for you. I found out about VPI's grossly inadequate customary fee schedule. My "$9,500' coverage was a farce once you see the Customary Fee Schedule. Don't tell me to look at the fine print, when signing up online; this customary fee schedule is not available to you until after you have signed up/selected payment options. My awakening came about on a small issue. This caused me to look at the other types of customary fee schedule and it was horrific. There was no incident that they covered more then $1200. Now there is no way you can have a major type of surgery for that amount. Once I saw this I realized I did not have coverage, but something that amounted to at best a supplementary insurance plan. There is a small chance to make you feeling known, but only if you use Nationwide Insurance. I was actually very happy with Nationwide, but after seeing how VPI was a sham, I refuse to do any business with any company affiliated with VPI. So when I informed Nationwide I was cancelling, I told them about VPI being a sham. I told Nationwide while I was happy with my Auto/Homeowners policies; I refuse to do business with anyone affiliated with VPI. © 2010 Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. All rights reserved. VPI and the VPI Pet HealthZone are registered trademarks of Veterinary Pet Insurance Company. Nationwide Insurance is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Underwritten by: Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (CA), Brea, CA National Casualty Company (all other states), Madison, WI an A+15 rated company In Canada, please contact Petsecure at  
Melissa says:

I've had VPI on my dog less than one year. I've taken my dog for one check-up and one emergency visit after an "episode" that may have been a seizure. Luckily, my vet holds off hours so I was able to go to my regular vet. During that visit after many tests she was treated for pancreatitis and had additional labs to test for thyroid problems. That visit totalled $321, where I was reimbursed 90% less a $50 deductible. Exactly what I paid for. The check-up was what disappointed me. Their reimbursement amounts for standard yearly flea/tick and heartworm medicine are rediculous. It amounted to 6 months work of heartworm. 
Linsay says:

I completely agree Ellen! Our dog swallowed a foreign object and the max they pay on this is $205...Our bill was $900 and he didnt have anything extreme done, he was only at the hospital for about 6 hours! I dont know where they came up with $205, but that is an absured amount! 
Greg says:

My experience was horrible, but lucky, my claim was minor. While there is in the fine print about the Reasonable Pay Out schedule (Completely understandable) you don't actually see this list until after you already signed up. So chances are, you will not look. this is the problem with VPI. There "reasonable' is not reasonable. And will not cover anything clost to your cost. For me to have the '$9,500 in coverage' my dog would have had to basically have 8 different/unrelated events that all required surgery. The reality of the policy is that you will only get about 15% to 50% of your vet bill covered. And the more expensive types the closer to 15% you get. My example was a soft tissue injury (tendon in back leg). My bill: $55 exam, $60 for perscriptions, $5 for taxes. There max benefit was $58. That $58 would cover the average exam, any treatment is over. Well I did not take my dog to the vet because he was not limping. And max payout on any issue was $1200. Were talking major life saving surgies only $1200.  
William Roberts says:

We believe that VPI is a great insurance for the price. We had our Yorkie in to the vet on numerous occasions and we were treated and reimbursed fairly by VPI. He recently had bladder surgery and we recived a good amount reimbursement ( in fact more than I expected).  
Richard says:

in regards to the $65 Neuter or Spay, i had my dog's spaying performed for $65, it was a perfectly nice vet, it was just out a smaller town, and we had to drive about 30 mins to get to it. Unfortunately you may have to call around to find different prices if your pet needs surgery. This isn't like human health insurance, but that should be clear when you pay $25 a month, instead of $250 a month like it would cost for a person. 
Shriley D. says:

Regardless of what insurance you your policy, ask questions.  
Karen says:

I have had multiple pets with VPI over 10 years. Im also lucky to have had the same vet for 10 years. She has had to raise her prices some but not as much as I know other vets around town charge...and she is one of the best. I have been through, cancer, surgeries, broken legs and have always been glad to get a reimbursement. My policy more than pays for itself every year. 
Debby says:

I have had VPI on my almost 6 year old lab for his whole life. 2 years ago I added another lab that I had rescued. The fact they took him is wonderful as there are NO vet records on him, so he could have had numerous pre existing conditions..luckily he doesnt. VPI has done quite an admirable job on reimbursing for TWO surgeries Rider had... both of which cost over $2000. I believe I was reimbursed to the point that I ended up paying about $300 out of pocket. Both surgeries were emergency surgeries, done at my vet. SOme of you may be complaining for legit reasons, but were your surgeries done at an emergency vet service.. their rates are hurrendous to begin and WAY above the usual rates.. so that would hinder a high reimbursement rate. I have my premium deducted automatically , so it's painless for me and peace of mind for me . WIth labs.. its a MUST have. I am pleased. 
Susan Shaw says:

We have had the policy with VPI for 7 years, we got it when Abby was a pup, she has had 2 surguries for bladder stones, the first one we were disappointed, the surgury costing over $600.00. recently she went through the surgury again for the same thing and our vet made sure he itemized everything with the cost of $769. they covered $639. I am happy with that. I don't expect them to cover everything, people health insurance doesn't, why expect your pet insurance to. 
Deb Smith says:

My dog BooBoo has been with VPI since he was a pup. The largest expense I had ever incurred with him was a little over $ 200 @ his annual physical. But just recently @ age 16, he had to see an ophthalmologist. I had to spend all but $ 2000 on his eyes, but got back only $ 160. I am with Sean, for small claims VPI is good. But, for larger ones, in my opinion, it's a ripoff. 
Karen says:

1/24/2010 sound like me 5 years ago. I was satisfied for the past 5 years. Until my dog got seriously ill from a poisoning and they want to give me only $500 back on a $1600 dollar bill. And I have been paying for the best plan coverage that they offer for the past 5 years.  
Karen says:

I have been paying 41 dollars per month for the past 5 years and not had a problem with VPI until just recently something HUGE happened to my dog. He ate about 40 pieces of dark chocolate and was severely ill. The vet did what was appropriate to save his life. The bill came to over $1600 dollars. We were reimburst for $500. So, I called VPI and they say that is the allowable amount! WHAT!! I have been paying this company for 5 years and something major happens to my dog and they don't want to cover it. I have to do an appeal now. I have been going over the reviews on thier home page in which they have covered almost all the cost of these dogs hopital bills. Well, why in the world am I paying for the superior plan and I'm am NOT getting reimburst like all of these people did! 
J. Odel says:

We've had a VPI policy for over 10 years covering our newfoundland dog. We've had 2 major events with our dog, the first being emergency surgery and post-op care for bloat, and then for a neurological work-up for sudden rear-leg paralysis 1 year later. For both these expensive procedures, we were fairly reimbursed which was really what we expected from an insurance plan. The annual check-ups and smaller stuff such as ear infections, skin inflammations, etc. were not covered at the same rate, however we never expected that it would be. Personally, we bought the plan for catastrophic illnesses and VPI always come through for us. 
Kathy says:

Horrible. My 9 month old puppy had emergency surgery on her uterus and they denied the claim, due to the fact that my vet said that she was to get spayed when she was two. The reason I believe everyone gets this type of policy is for Emergencies. She had an infection, that was going to kill her. Great service...NOT! 
Donna says:

So far I have been pleased with my policy. I have the superior plan with a cancer rider. Recently my dog Shamrock had surgery for a bladder stone. After the original deductable of $50 he had a an ultrasound and meds. VPI covered all but $9 of the $93 bill. Shamrock then required surgery to remove the stone and of the $607 bill they paid $529. I have had the policy for 5 years, since Shamrock was a puppy, and have been satisfied with the coverage.  
AL says:

VPI pet insurance is very poor in my opinion. I have had it for several years and the reinbursements have been EXTREMELY limited . I am lookIng for something better. 
Jackie, TX says:

I do know that VPI have different plans. My company offer VPI to us at a discounted benefit. I have the superior plan which covers more than the standard basic plan. I have 2 Boxers and so far they have never been dx with any serious health issues. VPI has always reim about 90% of the claim amount. I just fax the claim form in with the vet bill and I receive payment in about 7-10 business days. So far, I have nothing but good thoughts about the service.  
JohnW says:

The benefit schedule for exotic pets is from 2002. It is now late 2009. Had I noticed the copyright date last year, I would have looked at these reviews harder. I will certainly check on updates before I renew.  
Adrienne says:

My French bulldog came down with Pancreatis last month. Submitted 1054.63, got back $501.23....around 48%. Not so great. One of the techs at the vet I go to suggested Pets Best. All calims are paid out at 80%, not matter what. 
Not on the same page says:

Many comments here claim that the "Usual and Customary Fees" comment made by the original reviewer is incorrect. At the same time, the "long list of what is covered and how much I can get back" the 1st comment (Benjamin, 6/27/2008) and others refer is *is* indeed what's called "Usual and Customary Fees." So, neither side is wrong; we are just speaking different languages to refer to the same thing. These numbers may seen decent if you live in areas with lower cost of living. In metropolitan areas, though, these numbers are simply unrealistic. 
vikki says:

I also stand corrected, Hartville group owns ASPCA Insurance and Petshealth, as well as Hartville Pets Insurance the latter which was formerly VIP not VPI 
Greg says:

I can't complain about VPI. Perhaps I just have better attention to detail when filling out the forms, or submitting them. In 2002 one of my dogs racked up a $4100 bill when he caught blastomycosis. VPI paid about $3100. Now that wasn't just on one claim form, every trip to the vet I got a bill and submitted it separately. Likewise, in 2003 another dog of mine got Dx'ed with Addisons. It took over 6 months to figure out what was wrong and numerous wrong turns before we got the Dx right. VPI still pays for my dog's monthly shot. For those of you having problems with VPI, I'd love to see how you submitted your claims. I was particular with my vet to itemize everything and line itemed everything and every differential diagnosis. If all you did was lick a stamp and stuff an envelope, then you got what your time and effort paid for. I'm shocked that VPI still insures me. I'm so far in the black with this company. They've paid me more than my total premium for three dogs has been. After reading these comments, I'm sure that someone will accuse me of working for VPI. I'd love the opportunity to post my bills versus their payments. I have the records.  
Craig says:

We have a 1 year old English Bulldog. We knew at the start that Bulldogs are expensive however, 12 thousand in medical expenses, (including reimbursments from VPI), was not something we considered. We trust the health of our animals to only the best vet services in the area, we all know it comes with a high price. It would appear from VPI's schedule of benefits that I should take my animals to a third world hole in the wall vet to expect a TRUE 90% return. I have received less than 20 percent on my last four claims. (5000 from my pocket, 895 from theirs) Does anyone have any advice on how to go about standing up for what is just and taking action to see a realistic return?  
Brian K. Donner says:

I would say that VPI has planted a couple of very obvious reviews here. It's pretty clear that the overall consensus is that VPI wont pay claims, especially large bills (which is the only reason most of us have insurance in the first place).  
Chuck says:

I am very disappointed with VPI. This month my dog was vomiting blood and the vet could not find the problem however she said the x-ray displayed gas in the intestine. The pet hospital charged me $499.00 for all the tests, x-rays and treatment for dehydration. VPI only reimbursed me $133.00. I wish someone would could tell me if there is a good insurance company out there. 
Stella Averbukh says:

VPI is a scam more than Nigeria guys. I submitted claims for about ten vet visits and they denied ALL. There all exclusion and exclusion over exclusion. it a HUGE SCAM. DON'T WASTE your money on it. 
Ms Nikki says:

VPI Insurance is an absolute rip off. I have the best coverage they offer. I took my puppy to the vet and spent $300 for his shots, ear infection etc. I sent the claim form to them and I was told I would get $55 back. (Well after I pay my $44 premium I should get $11 back so I'm wasting money paying a premium that pays back nothing plus the vet bill.) They believed my puppy had an ear infection prior to getting the policy which is absolutely false. The rep ARGUED with me and basically told me I paid over $200 on the ear infection and they would not cover that even though I sent them a breakdown of what was treated that day. Heather was not helpful at all in her explanation and she needs to get a new job. NOT in customer service. 
Teresa says:

The company covers minor stuff and routine very well but be careful if something big happens they stiff you 
Lisa says:

I have had VPI since my dog was a puppy and all I really ever used it for was routine care. Until this year my 5 year old labrador ruptured her ACL. They covered only about $300 of the intitial $1100 in fees we occured and only $828 out of the surgery cost of $3,500. This is really only 24-25% of the total. After all of the premiums I have paid, I do not find this acceptable. I am looking for good coverage for this dog and another dog, but I am worried now that since she has a pre-existing condition that she wont be covered. I also want insurance that covers hereditary conditions. 
Louise says:

I just got off the phone with VPI. The rep admitted they had the same schedule since 2001, but late 2007 it's been updated. I don't know if that makes a difference in light of all these complaints. I'm probably going to go with PetPlan, because VPI does not cover Hip Dis., Cong&Here conditions/diseases and ligament ruptures. 
SEnder says:

I have to echo those who had limited reimbursement. A cancer regimen for my dog was close to $4000. VPI paid around $600 and that was /with/ their "double cancer" endorsement. The premium that year was about $775. 
Lynne says:

My dog had surgery, total cost was $1100, VPI reimbursed $217. That is 19%! Pretty awful reimbursement rates. 
Christina says:

They are right, this was a rip off! The reimbursement was very limited. My dog developed a communicable disease at the daycare. No prior symptoms. It was NEW illness. They paid $50 ouf $300 to treat him. This EXcludes the medicated food that I was required to get for my baby. They never paid anything. I should have kept the money in savings. What a waste!  
Vikki Dolan says:

VPI is part of the Hartville Group. They consist of many other insurance companies, Petshealth and ASPCA as well as VPI are all the same parent corporation. (Admin comment: this is incorrect. VPI and Hartville are not related companies.) They do have unreasonable fee schedules. Once, when the cost of Flea Preventative went up $20 in 1 year, my veterinary cut me a break and gave it to me, just the one time, at his cost. Wouldn't you know that the insurance "adjusted" the veterinarys' cost price and actually priced the Advantax at $5 BELOW my vets' cost!!!!! Then coughed up their 80% share of an unfairly adjusted price. When I asked them where I could purchase a 6-month supply of Advantax for $35, they just said, that it was an averaged cost for my area. What a bunch of BULL!!! I requested information about where I could purchase the flea protection at a cost lower than $60 and they told me I could Online!! When I rebutted that once the online shipping cost was factored in there was absolutely no savings, I was told that the shipping costs were not part of their responsibility!! I read in a trade magazine that Pet Insurance was a burgeoning industry. In this article the analysts sited that one positive factor of the industry was the low rate of lawsuits filed against pet insurance companies for rebuttal of claim rejections. All of their sales literature plays on people's emotions towards their pets,but many, including myself, have been left high and dry after authorizing expensive veterinary procedures for a pet, thinking that you will be reimbursed, but then are stunned with the inevitable rejection letter 3 months later!! Yes, setting up a "savings" account is not realistic, as in these hard times we must all dip into the till now and again, but, after $7000.00 of expensive surgery on my pet (which was not reimbursed because it was hereditary/congenital according to the insurance company) I realize that the first three years of coverage, really saved me alot of money, but, after that, with all the rejections for congenital/hereditary, and prior existing condition (meaning, in that it manifested the previous policy's year), I wasn't saving any money whatsoever after that. The first three years of insurance really helped but I wish that I had quit while I was ahead after that because in the long term, the insurance claims rejection letters increased exponentially.  
Sydney says:

Yes Ellen is wrong. They are the only company that doesn't have a usual and customary fee schedule. At least I know what I will be reimbursed for what happens to my pet beforehand. No company has ever been able to give me a real price. And savings accounts won't work. My profession is in financial planning and I have a hard time getting people to save enough so that they have a few months worth of money for food and their mortgage let alone their $2000 vet bill. In today's economy at least VPI has extremely reasonable premiums and still help pay my vet bills. Last time I checked my very costly health insurance doesn't even come close to paying enough of my own medical bills. 
Sean says:

Benjamin either works for VPI or has never had anything serious happen to his pets. My doG has had heart problems for the last 9 months any I have incurred over 8000.00 in medical bills. VPI has reimburssed me less than 800.00. This is a rip off insurance company. It is better to self insure Benjamin. Sure VPI pays for claims in the 200-300 very well, but when you are paying them over $500.00/year these are not the claims that really matter. Look into the serious problems your pet could be in for and ask your vet how much it could cost if your pet had cancer or heart problems. IT IS NOT WORTH IT-BETTER TO PUT THE MONTHLY PREMIUM IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND SELF INSURE - PETPLAN OR FIRSTPET ARE MUCH BETTER PLANS. 
Bryan says:

No he is correct. Claim for 385.00 I was reimbursed 130.00!!!!!!!  
Diana says:

You are the ones who are wrong. I have a list right here, right now, right in front of me that lists items covered and amounts they will cover on these items. They are far below the prices any good vet would charge for proper care. This is why I have canceled my plan with them and gone with another company! 
Terry says:

This is not true at all. My policy is the new one that they just got approved last summer. It is called a E50T Superior policy for our dog Rajah, our cat Gus and our new dog LeLa. They have a benefit schedule and I pay a premium for the coverage allowance that I want. I know what I am getting fright from the beginning. I have had insurance through VPI for almost 8 years and I love it! It has saved Rajah's life TWICE! 
Benjamin says:

I have a VPI policy, and they do not use Usual and customary fee schedule. They have a big long list of what is covered and how much I can get back. They also don't pay back at 80%, it's 90% after a deductable, $50 I think. of my $280 bill for my cat Stewie's constipation, i was paid back over $200 for my first claim. It sounds like this person is with another company beacuse I have this for my 3 cats, and dog, and had it for my bird while he was alive. Maybe this person should re-read their policy. 

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