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Customer Review for VPI

3/10   I regret being with Nationwide/VPI for 10 years!
I never insured any other pet before this dog, so I have had one insured dog for 10 years. He was just diagnosed with Cushing's disease and Nationwide has an $800.00 annual cap on this disease. We spent more than that just getting to the diagnoses. Now there is zero coverage for any medication or actual treatment of this disease. I am devastated to say the least. If I manage his disease well, he has the potential for many good years ahead. But I've never had a dog with a chronic condition before and here I am in that very position with pet insurance for the first time and I WON'T BE REIMBURSED FOR MOST OF HIS TREATMENT/NEEDS! The company likes to tout that the benefits renew each calendar year but the amount of coverage for his illness is actually less than what the plan will cost me for the year, much less the deductible so I am not better off with the insurance unless he gets sick or injured with something different. The whole reason I insured him in the first place was so I wouldn't have to be paying out of pocket for really big expenses if they happened, and now that is exactly what I'm stuck doing. Of course he now has a pre-existing condition and I am stuck with a company that has completely let us down.
Company: VPI   Injury/Illness: Cushing's disease   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Mark, 1/13/2017
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Shelly says:

I have had much the same experience. My 10 year old dog has had some major issues that I have actually more than once asked to have reviewed a second time. It is a lot of hassle. Recently her premiums have started skyrocketing, because of her age. I was told when I signed up her premiums would not go up because of age. I can't change companies now because she has pre-existing conditions. I have a new young dog now, I am trying to figure out what insurance to place on her...Competitive rates are not the issue, coverage is. It is a very difficult decision to find a company worthy of a lifetime commitment.  
Michelle says:

Same story here. They don't cover ANYTHING. Save your money and don't sign up with this switch and bait lying company. They need to be put out of business with all the unhappy customers they have ripped off over the years!  
Anna says:

Thanks, I will be passing this one up as your story is similar to many I've read. What a shame. Thanks for the heads up. 

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