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Customer Review for Trupanion

9/10   Good Claim Response So far!
We've been with Trupanion for a little over a year with both our Yellow Lab (1 yr old) and Kitten (1 yr old). Our vet recommended them when we were getting their first checkups. We did some research and read the good reviews and decided to give it a go. We're glad we did. Our Lab had kennel cough (much to our efforts to prevent it) and the ER tests on a holiday was covered. Our Kitten recently swallowed an object and we were not prepared for the $3k+ ER visit and surgery for that, we lucked out and the surgery was not needed but the tests, etc cost several hundred. After submitting the claim request we quickly received a response that it was being reviewed then followed up communication on its progress. We promptly received our reimbursement check (minus of course our deductible and coinsurance). It's come in handy already and we're only a year in. Only bummer is sometimes large claim files get lost in FAX neverland - although they cleared that up quickly after we resubmitted which was great.
Company: Trupanion   Injury/Illness: swallowed foreign object   Breed: Yellow LabMixed Breed
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Matt P., 6/30/2010
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Annonymous says:

I was disappointed that when the switch in names took place that my fee went up $9.00 a month. That's too much of an increase in my opinion. I've been a devoted customer for 9 years now, payments have always been on time, doesn't that count for something?  
Jeanette Hosack says:

If I had a sma;ll puppy that ingested an object, say a wire and required surgury or an endoscopy what would be covered?t6C 
Gary says:

Our Malshi, Walle recently had some dental work done. I was surprised how quickly Trupanion sent us follow-ups letting us know what was covered. We are looking forward to receiving our cheque shortly. Oh yeah and Walle is doing just fine. 
Paula C says:

I used to use Trupanion for my 3 year old Puggle. One day I rushed my dog to the ER after she ate something that made her sick, I called Trupanion on my way to the ER to make sure she would be covered for this type of emergency and I was told it would. When I submitted my claimed, I was told that my dog was not covered for that emergency and I had to pay for it.. I spoke to a manager who not only told me my claim would be honored, but also left a voicemail confirming a check was being sent to me by mail, however, I never received such check.. I spoke other reps at Trupanion after that, but it took me nowhere as I was given different information on every call I made... I was very disappointed with their services. They lack knowledgable customer service representatives, they misinforme customers and do not honore what they promise their customers.  
Donna Luke says:

We are very happy with Trupanion. Our 10 month old chi was attacked by a neighbors dog, we rushed her to our animal ER, and they were great, took wonderful care of her. I had trupanion fax a claim form to them. The total bill was 2400.00, and with our deductible of 500.00, they covered her services 90%. We received a check for 1710.00 in 12 days. Thanks Trupanion. 

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