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Customer Review for Petplan USA

10/10   Fabulous Customer Service!!!
I can't recommend PetPlan USA enough! I am a first-time dog owner of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Before we purchased Brooklyn, I did a lot of research on insurance companies as I had read that with toy breeds there can be congenital defects. My husband thought I was crazy to spend money on pet insurance. Well, as luck would have it, within less than a year, I was told by my vet that Brooklyn would need not one, but two surgeries for medial luxated patella. Thank goodness I choose a plan when we first brought her home, and thank goodness it was PetPlan USA. The account rep Mike was so helpful and patient, and Debi White has been incredible with follow-up after both surgeries, inquiring about Brooklyn's health, and reimbursement that was so quick, much more so than with traditional insurance. If you own a pet, and are thinking of pet insurance there is no company better than PetPlan USA. You would be foolish to choose any other company.
Heidi Eckard, 2/9/2008
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Harold says:

Please send me a specific list of uncovered dog conditions and illnesses at each plan level. I would also like to know if things like brain surgery to help stop seizures in shih Tzu was discovered several years after being insured? 
Robyn says:

Just purchased Petplan ins. for my Labrador 4 months old we have had two other Labs one had every problem you could think of the other is 10yrs and has had no problems. We really checked into the breeding on this dog to make sure he was healthy. I hope for the best, from the dog and the insurance. We shall see. 
Ace says:

Repudiable = Reputable 
Roxie's Mom says:

Comments from a pet owner who did not have pet insurance: My toy poodle, Roxie, became very ill & required emergency surgery to remove a burst gall bladder. I paid the thousands of dollars gladly because she healed beautifully & lived another 18 months before dying from inoperable cancer. The point is, having insurance would have saved me thousands of dollars in both instances. I have just adopted another poodle from a rescue group and am in the process of purchasing insurance...probably PetPlan. 
Beth P says:

I whole-heartedly agree - PetPlan USA has been amazing! I rescued my Black Lab/Border Collie mix about 2 years ago (as an adult) and he had a really rough year this year. He tore his ACL and had to have surgery to repair it - 100% covered by PetPlan with no questions ($2000). Then he was diagnosed with dry-eye, and all diagnostic tests and treatments were covered no problem ($500). Then shortly after his ACL surgery, he began having seizures. At first, the Vet thought it had to do with the stress of the surgery and the pain meds but he continued to have them, and they became more and more frequent. Even the meds they prescribed (Phenobarb) wouldn't control them. I ended up having to take him to a neurologist to have an MRI and spinal tap to rule out a brain tumor and meningitis. Luckily the tests all came back negative, but so did my bank account (another $2,200). Twizzler ended up being diagnosed with Epilepsy. I have submitted the claim and it is being processed. I have no doubts that they will take care of it. In addition, as my dog's policy is up for renewal soon, I was concerned that due to his chronic diagnosis the premiums would increase. To my delight, the wonderful customer service rep informed me that PetPlan only increases rates based on inflation, not on claims, current or future. What a relief! I recommend PetPlan insurance to any pet owner that will listen! They are FANTASTIC!!!!!! 
Lorie W says:

Does petplan cover a dog that MAY need patella sublaxation surgery far down the road? I am sick of VPI always turning down my claims for two dogs. Am going to cancel as what is the purpose of insurance that says HEY we know certain breeds are going to get certain conditions so we WE not cover the obvious. Dah Help please  
Heidi Eckard says:

This comment is for Jenny Curlington -- Jenny, I can assure you that I have no vested interest in Petplan other than being a customer. I live in Santa Monica, CA not Philly, where I think the owners of Petplan reside. Feel free to email me personally if you don't believe me - I say it again - Petplan is the BEST insurance plan out there - it beats the hell out of my own insurance, thank you Blue Shield.  
RGLadig says:

I have had 4 SPCA dogs in my lifetime (age64)and they all showed signs of abuse or health problems but not until we had the dogs long enough to be endured to them. Positively the best dog I ever owned was a female beagle mix that I got for free. She was a year old and lived together with her sister. She was shy and the owner thought that she might be more outgoing with a different family who could give all their attention. Boy was he right on the money. She quickly became a family member and was raised with our two young sons who she adored and protected. I love animals but personally if you have young kids can you take a chance because of personality issues that show up after the dog has been adopted. The dog we have now will be the last dog I will own. She was adopted from Pups Rescue in Stockton,Ca. We love her dearly but after 2 years with us we can see things we could not know about. This dog has continuing nightmares when she is napping on the couch and gets so bad she has to be woken up. She was taken in by pups rescue pregnant and on the street.She shows some signs of abuse. If I were going to get another dog it would be from an owner who is giving away pups or charging a reasonable fee. I am tired of getting someones else's problems. Mixed breeds generally have a better temperament than pure breeds but not always. Comments welcome 
Jenny Curlington says:

Wow,never heard of a review with a 100%. Its funny I was just watching a clip from tv and the owners of Petplan have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. This site is great it lets owners post there own review.  
Lynne W says:

Steve, shelter dogs are not for everyone. We had adopted a shelter dog who ended up costing us thousands for behaviorial therapy and training. He had aggression problems that were not immediately apparent due, in all probability, abuse from former owners. We worked with him for 8 years and finally had to put him to sleep after he bit me a fourth time. I now have a 1 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (insured with Pet Plan since he was 3 months old) who is a joy; I am much more sure of his temperament since we got him from a repudiable breeder and know his ancestry. Please don't be so quick to judge people who buy purebreds from good breeders. Now, puppy mills - that's another story altogether! 
M says:

I'd rather get a dog from a breeder since I know where it came from. 
steve says:

why do you buy a dog when there are so many in shelters that need a home? 
holly says:

Hi there, we're purchasing a Cavapoo puppy soon, I'm curious which level of pet insurance you chose and do you feel it has been adequate? Thanks. 

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