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Customer Review for Pets Best

10/10   I would recommend Pets Best
As a veterinarian, I am asked to pick an insurance company to recommend. I liked the 80%/20% structure, the accident only option, and the fact that the person who designed the insurance had a lot of previous experience starting VPI. I took a policy out on my own very young border collie for several reasons. I wanted to see how fast they processed claims and I wanted to find out if I would be a satisfied customer. This dog came from a shelter with a mass on the top of the head. It was removed at the time of her spay, submitted for histopathology, and found to be benign. We also were told we got clean margines (meaning - no tumor extended below the surgical site - we got it all). I took out the policy. Then, 3 months later, TWO tumors developed at the same site. I was very curious to see if they would pay on this. I submitted the bill, and they paid the 80% (we did document the first surgery results - that a clean margin had been obtained etc.) So - I do like Pets Best. The accident only policy is very affordable for many clients and covers many devastating events. I advise a more complete plan, but even the accident only will give most clients peace of mind.
Dr. Paige Garnett, 4/5/2009
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cindy Kelleher says:

sounds good but no recent history, can you add 2013 0r 14 thanks  
Karen Blaine says:

My #5 mutt shitsu/yorkie mix, Lily has been covered since she was 5 wks old. Pets Best has been fast and caring re her health. Knowing that they are there for her, is a constant relief to me 
Cheryl says:

personally, I just cancelled my policy for 3 herding Border Collies with Pets Best. They used to be very good, but recently they continually deny everything, then it is up to you to try and prove it. Which is usually decided in their favor and not yours. I figure I can put what I have been paying them in a savings, and end up ahead. Would NOT recommend them. Waste of money, effort, time and stress.  
Kathy says:

I also want to add a more recent (2012) comment on Pets Best. I got Pets Best initially because I adopted an older cat and they were one of the few companies that would insure her at 8 years old. I have been with them for 5+ years. I have had no issues at all. They have consistently covered 80% after deductible. My cat has three ongoing issues and after an initial review of her vet charts, there has never been a concern or question regarding her ongoing follow ups and maintenance of these issues. This insurance has provided me with the peace of mind to be able to make decisions for my cat that aren't based solely on finances. And the response to a claim is very timely. If you are considering pet insurance this is a company I would definitely recommend you consider. Thank You.  
Danny Bollinger says:

The review itself is good, however they are old and I cannot make a decision on such an old review.  
Wendy R says:

I feel that Pets Best Insurance has been true to their word. The claims are processed quickly as they stated. I have been with a vet from the time they opened in 2004 and I never changed. There cost has become so high I had to seek other care that is good as well as cost efficient. Fortunately Pets Best Insurance had a section for finding a Vet and I went to them and I am very happy with the change. Thank you Pets Best for your honesty and great service. All your agents are so helpful and friendly. Wendy 
Dani says:

I thank you very much for your comment and honesty. Coming from a vet it means a lot to us to know this is who you would recommend not because you get a cut in the action but because you believe they are a good choice for us dog owners. I have a large breed dog lab/rotti and he is apart of the family, if anything happened to him I would pay anything (and I have I researched the best food and buy him chicken soup for the dog lover's soul (what is your imput on this brand?) I am sure a lot of us pet owners would value your insite on other issues. Thank you 

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