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Customer Review for AKC

10/10   I got exactly what was promised!!!!
I have had the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan for 3 years. It was brought to my attention thru my registration of my Golden Retriever with the American Kennel Club. I received a 60 day FREE Trial plan and thought that there most be a trick to this. However, they did not ask for a credit card or anyother financial data. In about 45 days I called and enrolled in one of their plans. The first year they paid me $1100 in wellness benefits and I paid a little over $500 for my plan. The next two years Stacie had several foreign body ingestions and they covered in the thousands. I have seen a rate increase each year, but by far I have been paid more than I have paid in. The Representatives that answers their phones are easy to get the correct information and they always seem to take as much time as I need to get my questions answered. Claims take about a week to get my payment and my Vet loves the fact that the call with any questions to ensure I get paid. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a value petcare insurance plan!!!!
Company: AKC   Injury/Illness: Shots, Spayed, and foreign ingestions   Breed: Golden Retriever
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Brittany Terrell, 1/8/2011
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Bonnie Belk says:

After having three dogs insured with AKC over the years, I am today cancelling the policy on our Airedale Terrier. At first I was thrilled with the coverage and the service. Payment was prompt and claim submission was simple. the price was high compared to other plans, but the coverage was excellent. All of that changed over the years. With our first dog, insured more than 8 years ago, we saw a reasonable increase when he turned 9 y/o, but the policy price stayed relatively stable after that. With our second and third dogs insured with them (and new underwriters every year or so), we have seen the premiums increase beyond any reason. Our healthy 7-1/2 year old now costs $176 per month to insure with AKC with annual and lifetime benefits that are much too low for the price. We're sorry to leave, because we've had great experiences with them in the past. But receiving the annual renewal notices now feels more like extortion than anything else.  
Chappell says:

Got AKC Wellness Plus when dog was a puppy. Covered shots, neuter, etc was very pleased. The following year rate increased 48% to $1,076 a year for Wellness! Went to Vet for chek-up, frontline & heart guard, never used the $300 dental cleaning (I brush dogs teeth monthly) and overall had been pleased. Good customer service. Reimbursement check time is pretty short. I knew i hadnt used my premium worth of services during year. Dog is very healthy, enjoy peace of mind, like that they cover 80% of frontline/heart guard. 1st year they covered vet prescribed cosequin, not any more. Tolerated 48% increase from Y1-Y2. Now my Akita is 3 and new rate for plan will be $1,584 for Wellness again. Get form letter for renewal, it's like they don't remember you're an existing customer and you sign-up again year over year. Obviously they have horrible actuaries, or hold firm to a % of profit YTD. Afte reading this short thread I'm very concerned about the year to year increase and am not pleased with the huge premium increase fom year 8 to 9. Calling vet tomorrow to get total of all charges, including supplements, frontline, heart guard. My assumption is that I'll be saving money to pay out of pocket and drop plan to basic. Will also be looking for basic (emergency/illness) coverage with another insurer. Too bad Healthcare reform doesn't cover all types of healthcare....... 
My Experience says:

Check Out Embrace. I had the AKC and it was terrible and disorganized not to mention the "exclusions" and fine print gimmicks within the policy. I moved all my pups to Embrace - read reviews and you can even have a medical review done by the Embrace who will let you know of any pre existing conditions. I only had a nightmare while I was with AKC and it has been a pure delight with Embrace. 
Chris says:

I have three dogs on this plan and it has worked well for me until now. I just got a notice that my 10 year old Min Pin's policy is going from just over $100/month to over $150/mo. That, obviously, is a 50% increase and I will be paying $1,800 for the next coverage year for this dog. The other two dogs are younger, but one of them didn't have a single claim this past year and her policy will be going up, too. I really have to think about whether or not to keep my 10 year old with them. They do cover dental cleanings, heartworm prevention, flea, tick, etc prevention. They are good about reimbursing me in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, so far I haven't found another plan with the level of coverage that Pet Partners provides. If anyone can suggest another insurance provider that is also good, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. 
Susan says:

The review is written by the daughter of the company's VP of Marketing, so take it with a grain of salt.  
Jerry says:

Be carefull with AKC - price goes way up as you use it more and your dog gets older. Starts out nice but watch the price rice and watch out for all the stuff they don't pay for. 
Larry Aldridge - Colorado Springs, CO. says:

AKC is good till your pet is older! I have been with them for over 6 years, but watch out when you pet gets over 8 years old at renewal! I have a 8 year old Samoyed named Shada that has been very healthy thru the years, and is still very healthy! My $1,000 a year wellness plan will jump to over $1,800 at renewal in December, 6 months before her 9th birthday. ASPCA's plan has a lower deductible and the same benefits as wellness plan, simplier claim forms, and costs less than $1,00 a year. Guess where I will be going. 

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