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Customer Review for PetCare

1/10   Premiums sky-rocketed coz they changed company!
I've been with this company for 10+ years since my pug was 1 year old. I was told that my annual premium can only be increased by a small % every year so that's why I got it when he was at a young age. Thank god, barely used the insurance over the last 9 years. Only made 1 claim 9 years ago. But dang, I didn't think that they would change the underwriting company so they have the BEST excuse to re-set the premium. This got me good. I was paying $460/yr for $3000 coverage plan but now they are telling me I have to pay $1450 for the same $3000 coverage plan w $250 deductible or $1220 for the $1500 coverage plan w $100 deductible. Why the heck would I want to pay $1450/yr for a $3000 coverage plan w $250 deductible, and then pray to God that you don't ignore or deny my claim for whatever reason?? Makes no sense at all!
Company: PetCare   Injury/Illness: eye problem claim made 9 yrs ago   Breed: Pug
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Juju, 7/3/2017
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Marianne says:

Pretty ticked off as well. Premium for Champion Care policy for my cat went from 30.02/month to 66.16. I've never had a problem with claims. She has 2 medical conditions, so if I change to another company they will be considered pre-existing and wouldn't be covered. 24PetWatch knows that if we want our pets' conditions covered, we are stuck with them, so they can raise the rates outrageously. I'm furious. 
Heather says:

My premium skyrocketed as well! I've insured my dog with them since she was a puppy; she's now 5. I'm looking for a new company. 
CH says:

Glad I found this review. i just realized today on my cc statement that we are being charged in DOUBLE! Plus a 2.50/mo surcharge for not paying annually. Got notification that they are under new management but never stated that the premium was being raised. Plus, they changed their sign in process. You can no longer sign in using social media so they have to delete your account and you have to recreate with email and password. Not a big deal, but this doesn't seem to be a consumer friendly process. I have the correct email on file, so it would seem logical that i can sign in. Seems deceitful and I will be shopping for a new provider.  

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