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Customer Review for PetCare

5/10   Just OK
I have had the 70% Quickcare Gold coverage for 2 years for both my dogs. While my first dog has had a pretty decent reimbursment rate for allergies, she has almost maxed out her coverage in this catagory (where she needs it the most). Beware, the max coverage ($3,000 per catagory)amounts DO NOT renew annually. Now with my 2nd dog, he ingested a bee (I would call it an accident)and had a horrible bout of vomitting. He was rushed to the ER ($800). The accident coverage was suppose to start from day 1. It was excluded - Now his vomitting is excluded from any coverage. Every claim I have made for my 2nd dog has not paid anything. My premiums have gone up about $75/year per dog. My dogs are 2 and 1 years old, not worth it for me in the long run.
Melissa, 4/4/2007
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Dave K. says:

I have had 24 pet watch for my three dogs for about ten years. In the beginning they paid quickly and you could easily reach customer service by phone. In the past several years they are almost impossible to reach by phone unless you have 45 min+ to hold. They also find many reasons not to pay the full amount claimed. I have the Quick Care premium on all three dogs. This is supposed to pay up to $150 annualy for shots, health exam etc. They used to pay this with no exceptions. In the past two years I have never been able to have them pay the full $150. Thsy have all sorts of excuses such as certain tests, health checks etc are not covered. These "not covered" items were covered for years and I have always used the same vet. We switched our cat to Pet Plan USA last year. When the cat developed a benign neck tumor it cost $1500 to be treated and removed. Pet Plan paid the total amount within 4 days of my submitting the claim!! Dogs are next for Pet Plan! 
Jane says:

OH MY GOD! Best comment ever Cathy... and Nancy too actually hahahahaha 
Melissa says:

I have changed my dogs over to Petsfirst Healthcare and what a difference!  
nancy says:

Cathy, while I agree with you, PLEASE learn to spell or stop drinking! 
cathy says:

melissa ths isnt worth it as far as im concerned these co. seem to get the money every mth but when its rime to pay they seeem to think some reason things arent covered im actually thinking dropping mine they re startin to write me after ive made a claim to tell me whT I CLAIMED ISNT COVERED WOULD U KNOW OF GOOD INS COM MY DOG IS 2 YRS OLD ID LIKE TO HAVE INSMY LAst dog was isck till  

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