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Customer Review for PetCare

7/10   Not Great, but worth the money
I've had my dog insured with this company for 4 years and plan to renew again. They rarely pay the full 80% because their "usual and customary expenses" are pretty conservative, but even at the more typical 60% that I receive it has been worthwhile. Customer service was initially poor but has been very good for the past year. They have been very strict about the rules concerning exclusions, pre-existing conditions, and waiting periods, so read your policy carefully. My rates have gone up about 10% each year, but my dog is getting quite old and has had several costly surgeries yet they keep renewing her so I'm satisfied.
Dave in N. Cal, 1/15/2007
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David says:

We have PetCare Pet Insurance in Australia, They are great though .. We got 80% of the vet bill within 3 days. they are 
Bev says:

We had pet care when we first got our Golden 13 years ago, after about 7 years the deductible kept going up and also the premiums were also. We stopped the insurance, the only thing that was worthwhile when she was about 2 she had cancer and they covered the surgery and the pills she was one for irritable bowel - allergic to meat. Now we are getting a puppy today and will not have them again, looking for another insurance co  
Linda Dunkelberger says:

PLEASE don't waste your money. the customer service is so bad. SAVE YOUR MONEY! 
Jean says:

I have been with this company too long...over ten years. There customer service is terrible. My premium is way too high. My dog is ten so I will ride out and have already found better coverage for my puppy.  
Julia B. says:

Unless, something has changed in the past few years this isn't completely accurate. This company does not use a benefit schedule. Their claims are paid based on actual vet fees. I have been very happy with claims results.  
barbara says:

I can say this company is a crock of bull... I bought my policy and paid a years worth of coverage to only find out six months later that they wouldn't cover my cat's diabetes. My cat showed symptoms of something was wrong on two days prior to the policy effective date which was noted on the vets paperwork. So since I was being a good pet parent and telling my vet the truth to ensure that my pet got the best care I got denied coverage. My mind you my cat never showed any signs of diabetes before me taking him to the vet on that day nor was he ever diagnose with it before. So I guess I am suppose to be some kinda Vet and know automatically that my cat has diabetes. GREAT JOB 24 PetWatch you just condemned my cat to a slow painful death! I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone... 

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